Honorary Deed

“Own” a section of Nehrling Gardens while helping preserve history and enrich the future by donating a minimum of $50 to receive an Honorary Deed for 1 or more square yards.

You or the designated recipient will receive a certificate suitable for framing and will be permanently recognized at Nehrling Gardens.

Amaryllis / $50 / 1 sq. yard
Gloriosa Lily / $100 / 2 sq yards
Bromeliad / $500 / 10 square yards
Bamboo / $1000 / 20 sq. yards
Magnolia / $5000 / 100 sq yards
Palm / $10000 / 200 square yards

Option 1

Honorary Deed to a named Individual, Family or Organization

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Name of Individual or Family:

Option 2

Designate the Honorary Deed in memoriam of a friend or loved one who has passed away

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in Memory of:

Option 3

Designate the Honorary Deed to honor someone on a special occasion

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in Honor of: