Nehrling Gardens Educational Programs:

  • All include hands-on activity and nature walk
  • Adheres to “place-based” educational principles and focused on local Florida habitats, animals, and environment
  • Helps connect community to the nature in their own backyards
  • Includes educational presentations, as well as interactive and engaging discussions and activities
  • Participation fee is nominal in order to allow for the participation of as many families as possible

Some of the children’s classes we offer are:

  • Tree Teaching
  • Wildlife Wonderland
  • Become a Bird Scientist
  • Butterfly Buddies

Some Adult Educational Workshops we offer are:

  • Culture, Care and Hybridization of Amaryllis
  • Culture, Care and Hybridization of Caladiums
  • Our Native Birds of Song and Beauty
  • Florida Native Plants that attract Butterflies, Pollinators and Birds
  • Trees – The Carbon Cycle and the Wood, Wide, Web

We also offer other Community Activities, please join our mailing list for the most up to date information.