Dwarf Belly Buddha Bamboo

Common name(s): Dwarf Belly Buddha Bamboo, Clump-Forming Bamboo

Scientific name: Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’

Plant family: POACEAE

Origin: South China

Description: Small-sized, non-invasive, evergreen bamboo with dark shiny green canes. Grows up to 8-15 feet tall with 2-3 inch wide stems. Contains several to many clustered branches with 1-3 larger and predominant branches. Slow growing and non-invasive. Culms are loosely tufted, dark, shiny green, woody and thick-walled. Internodes are 10-15 cm and swollen.

Growing Conditions: Prefers full sun to partial shade and best grown in fertile, moist soils.

Wildlife: Watch out for aphids, cottony scales, and bamboo borers.

Relation to Nehrling Gardens:

Location in Gardens: F14

Additional Information: Makes great container plants, hedges, and screens. Culms are often used for handicrafts.

Donated by: Greg Kolojeski, Sanford Garden Club