Nehrling Gardens Educational Programs:

  • All include hands-on activity and nature walk
  • Adheres to “place-based” educational principles and focused on local Florida habitats, animals, and environment
  • Helps connect community to the nature in their own backyards
  • Includes educational presentations, as well as interactive and engaging discussions and activities
  • Participation fee is nominal in order to allow for the participation of as many families as possible

Some of the children’s classes we offer are:

  • Tree Teaching
  • Wildlife Wonderland
  • Become a Bird Scientist
  • Florida Critter Class
  • Insects in your Garden
  • Butterfly Buddies

Some Adult Educational Workshops we offer are:

  • Culture, Care and Hybridization of Amaryllis
  • Culture, Care and Hybridization of Caladiums
  • Our Native Birds of Song and Beauty
  • Florida Native Plants that Attract Butterflies, Pollinators and Birds
  • Attracting Monarch Butterflies Using Nectar and Host Plants
  • Florida Native Trees v. Non-Native & Landscape Beautification
  • Trees – The Carbon Cycle and the Wood, Wide, Web

We also offer other Community Activities, please join our mailing list at the bottom of this page for the most up to date information on upcoming classes and activities.

**We also invite Educators and Instructors to hold classes at Nehrling Gardens, in the gardens or in the main house. For more information on using the facilities click the link below.

Instructor Application

** Due to the safety of our guests the main house is currently closed. Please contact for options for classes.