Pignut Hickory

Common name(s): Pignut Hickory

Scientific name: Carya glabra

Plant family: JUGLANDACEAE

Origin: Massachusetts to Central Florida and west to Iowa to eastern Texas.

Description: Native tree. Large tree, grows up to 50 – 70 feet, spread 30 – 40 feet. Straight trunk, spreading limbs at maturity. Produces nuts that 1 – 2  inches long. Fruit falls to ground in September – October. Leaves are compound, with up to 5 – 7 leaflets along the small petiole, dark green above and pale below. This tree is noted for the fall colors. Bark gray with diamond like patterns.

Growing Conditions: Grows naturally in upland dry to mesic hammocks. Soil rich with leaf litter and moist. Well drained. Grows in part sun to shade. Once established should not need watering. Slow growing, long lived. Zone: 4 – 9.

Wildlife: Critical food for wildlife in late fall.

Relation to Nehrling Gardens: Throughout the garden, native trees which are adapted to soil have been added to improve plant diversity and provide future shade as older trees decline.

Location in Gardens: D14, H6

Additional Information: Excellent native tree for shade for people. Good source of food for wildlife. Great fall colors in October and November. Easy to grow. Give this tree plenty of space away from buildings for best growth.