chorisa speiosa

Floss Silk Tree

Common name(s): Floss Silk Tree

Scientific name: Chorisa speiosa

Plant family: BOMBACEAE

Origin: Brazil, Argentina-South America

Description: Tropical tree usually seen in South Florida. Thick trunk with spines. Leaves are palmately compound (like hand)  5 – 7 leaflets. Flowers in small clusters, large and pink or white. Fruit large capsule with seeds covered with floss. Flowers from October – November. 

Growing Conditions: Grows in most Florida soils, well drained. Full sun for best growth. May take several years to adjust to site. Drought tolerant once established. Some level of salt tolerance, not on dunes. No serious pests. Zone: 9b – 11. Fast growing. 


Relation to Nehrling Gardens: Collected and germinated by Stephen Carini for the gardens.

Location in Gardens: A3, A6, E4

Additional Information: The floss of the seeds has been used in the past for stuffing and making rope. Attractive flowering tropical tree that needs plenty of space for best growth, full sun.