Dragon Bamboo

Common name(s): Dragon Bamboo, Giant Bamboo

Scientific name: Dendrocalamus giganteus

Plant family: POACEAE (Grass Family)

Origin: Southeast Asia

Description: Largest bamboo with stalks of 70 – 100 feet. Growth spreading slowly over area of about 50 – 60 feet. It is considered a tropical plant. Tall bamboo trunks have multiple side upper shoots with long, narrow leaves. Drops leaves in winter, variable time. Produces flowers and wind pollinated. Considered a very tall “grass.”

Growing Conditions: Due to the size of this large bamboo, it is best to provide plenty of room. Soil should be well drained, rich mixed soil, some moisture and in full sun. Grows from Central Florida to South Florida. Hard freeze may cause young shoots to rot and leaves to fall.

Wildlife: Small woodpeckers such as Downy or Hairy woodpeckers will use older stems to make a home.

Relation to Nehrling Gardens:

Location in Gardens: E12

Additional Information: One of the largest growing grasses in the world. This is a clumping bamboo. Very slow spreader. Used in both construction, floors and food source. Fast growing once the small ground shoots (culms) appear. Growth can be as much as 20 inches per day. Cold snaps may affect these young shoots. Use the fallen leaves as mulch, as they inhibit growth of weeds. If you buy any bamboo, do homework to determine if it is a clumper or spreader. Clumpers stay in an area for a very long time. Spreaders are fast growing and take over an area and hard to control.


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