Rusty Fig

Common name(s): Rusty Fig, Port Jackson Fig

Scientific name: Ficus rubiginosa

Plant family: MORACEAE

Origin: Western Australia. New South Wales to Queensland

Description: Medium tree up to 50 foot high and 50 feet wide. Usually single trunks. Strong root system, spreading. Smooth leaves, underside light brown and fuzzy. Soft, brittle wood, stems.

Growing Conditions: Best in full sun to light shade. Tolerates semi-arid conditions once established. Will grow in rich organic, well drained soil. Slow growing. This plant can be used as a hedge, accent tree away from buildings or patio pot. Trim as needed. Sensitive to frost. Grows in South Florida.

Wildlife: In Australia, fertilization and fruit formation is a result of a very specific species of small wasps from the Agaonidae family. Without its pollinator wasp, this plant will not produce edible fruit.

Relation to Nehrling Gardens: Donated by Leu Botanical Gardens and planted in 2021.

Location in Gardens: F15

Additional Information: Considered a large tree in it natural environment in Eastern Australia. Typically used as a food source for a variety of birds and local fox squirrel. Height of tree and fast growth may be reduced in Central Florida due to winter frost. Without the specific wasp to pollinate female flowers in the growing bud, there is little chance of fruit formation.