Golden Trumpet Tree

Common name(s): Golden Trumpet Tree

Scientific name: Handroanthus chrysotrichus, Synonym Tabebuia chrysotricha

Plant family: BIGNONIACEAE

Origin: Native to Brazil and northeast Argentina

Description: Trumpet-shaped tree with vivid and bright yellow blossoms. Grows up to 50 feet tall. The foliage drops from the tree before it flowers and the flowers appear in 2-8 inch long clusters with seed capsules following. These capsules are brown, hairy, and persist on the tree throughout winter. The leaves are long and silvery with a tan, fuzzy underside. The tree grows pod-like fruit.

Growing Conditions: Grows best in full sun and tolerates clay, sand, loam, acidic, alkaline, and well-drained soils. The tree is moderately drought resistant and its leaves drop from April to May.

Wildlife: Free of serious pests and diseases.

Relation to Nehrling Gardens:

Location in Gardens: E5

Additional Information: Tolerates urban contidtions

Sponsored by: Zellwood Garden Club – Orangewood Circle