Lady Palm

Common name(s): Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm

Scientific name: Rhapis excelsa

Plant family: PALMAE

Origin: Southern China

Description: Densely clumping, slender trunk palm. Leaf fronds are palm shaped and deep green when grown in light shade. Sometimes this plant may be named Bamboo Palm due to the shape of the stems, Bamboo like. Leaves have 5 – 6 segments, spreading. Stems covered with brown fibers woven around stalk. Growth is slow, with each stalk slowly growing a new stem shoot each year.

Growing Conditions: Easy to grow graceful palm. Partial shade to light morning conditions. Soil should be well drained, with rich organic leaf litter and some moisture. Fertilize during the warm spring months. Slow grower. Spreads to form a screen or sound barrier. If irrigated, be sure palms are able to dry off during the course of the day, otherwise new shoots may rot.

Wildlife: Use by wildlife and birds as shelter.

Relation to Nehrling Gardens:

Location in Gardens: C5

Additional Information: One of the best medium palms to use as a sound or screen barrier along the fence. Use this along fence area, as an accent plant in a decorative pot for the pool area or front porch. Slow growing and will slowly spread, making a nice thick barrier. To control, just cut off stems This will slow the growth. Yearly, trim dead fronds as needed. This palm in nurseries is expensive, you only need one pot with several stalks. This can be subdivided for more plants as needed.

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